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pH & Conductivity Measurement

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Benchtop pH Meter NBPM-200
pH Specifications:- Range (-2.000~20.000) pH
Accuracy ±0.002pH
Resolution 0.1, 0.01, 0.001pH, Selectable
Calibration Points 1 to 5 points
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Benchtop pH Meter NBPM-201
pH measuring range 0.00 ~ 14.00 pH
pH resolution 0.01 pH
pH accuracy ± 0.01 pH
Temperature measuring range 0°C~100°C
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Portable Conductivity Meter NCM-100
Conductivity specifications:- Conductivity range 0.000µS/cm ~ 1000mS/cm
Conductivity resolution 0.001µS/cm
Conductivity accuracy ± 1.0% (FS)
Resistivity specifications:- Resistivity range 5.00Ωcm~ 100.0MΩcm
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Portable pH Conductivity Meter NPCM-100
pH Range 2.000~20.000 pH
pH Accuracy ±0.002pH
pH Resolution 0.1, 0.01, 0.001pH, selectable
Calibration Points 1 to 5 points
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