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Automatic Distillation Apparatus NADA-100

Automatic Distillation Apparatus NADA-100

Automatic Distillation Apparatus NADA-100

Automatic Distillation Apparatus NADA-100 is extremely compact, fully stand-alone distillation unit designed for the quick and accurate quality control in laboratories at atmospheric pressure. Consisting of automatic bath/distillation temperature control system, refrigeration system, automatic level tracking system with other components, it adopts multi-thread operation to achieve automated control, computing and display and improved intelligent and automated measuring. complying with ASTM D86 and IP123, it is most suited to determine distillation characteristics of natural gasoline, vehicle gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuels, special boiling point solvent, naphtha, diesel oil, distillate and similar petroleum products.


Oven temperature 0-500℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.1℃
Volume accuracy ±0.1ml
Steam temperature 0-400℃
Distillation rate 4~5ml/min
Refrigeration temperature 0-60℃
Refrigeration accuracy ±1℃
Heating power 2kW
Cooling power 0.5kW
Power supply AC 220V±10%; 50Hz


  • 10" touch screen display for temperature, volume and curves during the whole process
  • Automated control of heating process and distillation speed, as well as record and print the record data
  • Highly accurate volume reading with advanced level tracking system and American Haydon high-stepping linear motor
  • Imported integral linear ball screw circumferential positioning laser tracker with Danfoss (Secop) Compressor
  • Mechanically refrigerated cooling tube and cylinder room
  • Automatic correction of local atmospheric pressure to standard atmospheric pressure


Commonly used to determine the distillation range of various petroleum products in laboratories, research institutes and industries.

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