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Filter Integrity Tester NFIT-101

Filter Integrity Tester NFIT-101

Filter Integrity Tester NFIT-101

Filter Integrity Tester NFIT-101 checks filter integrity within 100 to 10,000 mbar pressure range. It tests bubble point at 100 to 8000 mbar, diffusion flow at 1 to 1000 ml/min, and water intrusion at 0.01 to 100 ml/min. Features an automatic self-test and fault reporting upon startup, maintaining reliability and accuracy. Provides precise offline and online testing with high-accuracy sensors, supporting 100-meter gas path for enhanced flexibility and accuracy. Our tester can test up to 12-core 20-inch filter cartridges, boosting work efficiency.


Operation Pressure 100 to 10000 mbar (150psi)
Bubble Point Pressure 100 to 8000 mbar
Diffusion Flow 1 to 1000ml/min
Water Intrusion 0.01 to 100ml/min
Net Volume Test Accuracy ± 4%
Bubble Point Test Accuracy ±50 mbar
Diffusion Flow Test Accuracy ± 4%
Water Intrusion Test Accuracy ±0.01ml
Unit mbar, kPa, psi, kgf/cm²
Relative Humidity 10 to 80% RH
Ambient Temperature +5℃ to 40℃
Function Manual Bubble Point Test, Basic Bubble Point Test, Extensive Pressure Holding Test, Diffusion Flow Test, Water Intrusion Test, Ultrafiltration Membrane Test
Applied Range Symmetric and asymmetric membrane test, Needle filters, Capsule filters, Flat filters, Cartridge filters (within 12 cores and 20 inches), Ultrafiltration membrane packages, Ultrafiltration columns, Various irregular filters
Audit Trial Audit trail records can exportable and irreversible
Reservation Solution(programs) 1000 sets
Audit Trail Record Storage 5 years
Anti-backflow(liquid) Device Customization
Number of Users 1000 sets
Operating System Linux system
Dust and Splash Level IP54
Print Function Built-in printer,can control on PC;choose print subject
Historical Record 300000 sets records storage
Records Copy Support USB disk to export (include test curve)
Display Screen High definition 10-inch, color touch screen
Serial Connection RS232/USB/Support wireless connection
Work Mode Online/Offline
Applicable Environment Above D level
Power Consumption 120 W
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50Hz
Dimension 480 ×300 ×210 mm
Weight 10 Kg



Filter Integrity Tester is commonly used in the pharmaceutical and PET industries to ensure that filters remain intact and effective after sterilization.

Standard Accessories

Integtest Instrument

Power cable(s)
Inlet pipe
Outlet pipe
Operation Manual(include maintenance manual)
Calibration Certificate
Qualified Certificate
Printer Paper
Touch Pen
3Q template(optional)

Optional Accessories


Printer paper
Printer cartridge

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Filter Integrity Tester