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Microcentrifuge Tubes NMCT-100

Microcentrifuge tubes NMCT-100

Microcentrifuge Tubes NMCT-100

Microcentrifuge tubes NMCT-100 are made of durable, chemical-resistant, clear polypropylene with a capacity of 5 ml. It can be stored at as low as -80℃ (low temperature storage limits may vary depending on the solution being stored and storage conditions). It is made up of chemically resistant polypropylene that is more transparent. These tubes exhibit elevated RCF ratings, allowing them to withstand centrifugal forces up to 9000xg


Volume 5 ml
Working temperature 80°C to 121°C
Maximum RCF 9000xg
Closure Hinged cap
Material Polypropylene
Packing Dimensions 48×32×42 cm



Microcentrifuge tubes are widely used in various laboratory application such as sample centrifugation, DNA and RNA extraction, protein precipitation, enzyme reactions, PCR, molecular biology, drug discovery and biochemical assays etc

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Microcentrifuge Tubes