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Microplate Shaker NMS-100

Microplate shaker NMS-100

Microplate Shaker NMS-100

Microplate shaker NMS-100 is a reliable, versatile and compact 4 plate microtiter plate shaker which is ideal for uniform mixing and shaking of samples including immunoassays, ELISA, cell cultures, denaturation of nucleic acids and proteins, stains and blots. These shakers are optimized for thorough mixing of microplates and/or PCR plates and used across various laboratories involved in genetic engineering.


model SHK-M4II
speed range 200⁓1500
amplitude 3mm
timer 1min⁓99hr59min
no of plates 4 plates
input power 45W
power supply AC110V~240V 50/60
size 280×270×140mm
weight 4kg



It is widely employed for shaking and mixing of any biological and chemical components and can be used in all areas of medicine, biotechnology and microbiology laboratory research.

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