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UV Transilluminator NUVT-100

UV Transilluminator NUVT-100

UV Transilluminator NUVT-100

UV transilluminator NUVT-100 is a modern UV transilluminator used to examine proteins and nucleic acids. Equipped with a camera port rack, a transmission filter, a reflective filter, a nano-medical UV lamp, and an anti-UV observation window. It does not require a dark room to operate, detects a wide range of fluorescent dyes, and is best suited for RFLP and RAPD product analysis.


UV lamp 6 W × 10 pcs
Reflection Wavelength 254 nm, 365 nm
Transmission Wavelength 302 nm
Reflective filter size 200 × 80 nm
Transmission filter size 200 × 150 nm
UV intensity UV intensity from 20 cm away from the sample is 20 µw/cm
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Packing dimension 480 × 395 × 535 mm
Packing Weight 7 Kg


  • Modern UV transilluminator with a fixed camera port rack
  • Nano-medical UV lamp with an intensity of 20 µw/cm away from the sample in line with measurement standard
  • Strong and uniform UV illumination
  • Camera port rack is compatible with many SLR cameras
  • Doesn’t require a dark room to be operated
  • Anti-UV observing window keeps the user safe from harmful UV rays
  • Suitable for observing nucleic acids and proteins


UV transilluminator is used in molecular biology for nucleic acid electrophoresis gel analysis, PCR product detection, DNA fingerprint analysis, chromatography etc.

Standard Accessories

Tapping tools: 1
Camera plastic cover: 1
Power line: 1
Fuse (2A): 2
Certificate of Conformity: 1
Warranty: 1
User manual: 1

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