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Gel Documentation System NGDS-100

Gel Documentation System NGDS-100

Gel Documentation System NGDS-100

Gel Documentation System NGDS-100 is a gel imaging system used for detection of resolved and separated nucleotides or proteins on a gel slab. It is equipped with low illumination and high-resolution digital CCD camera that provides precise quantification of nucleic acids and peptide molecules. The Auto-delay-shutdown function for UV light ensures the safety of user. The microprocessor-controlled gel documentation system allows reliable storage of data.


Effective pixels 2560×1920
Pixel density 10 bits
Pixel size 5.4×5.4 um
Resolution 5.0 megapixels
Signal to noise ratio ≥56db
Sensitivity 20pg
Camera CCD
Zoom lens F=1:1.2 2/3 inch 6 times zoom lens
Filter 590 nm
UV light transmission area 250×200 mm
Visible light transmittance area(W×L) 250×210 mm
Transmission UV wavelength 302 nm
Reflectance UV wavelength 254, 365 nm
Transmission UV lamp power 254nm
Volume(L×W×H) 470×405×820 mm
Weight 29.0 kg


  • Whole screen display
  • Easily operation
  • Centre indicator for accurate positioning of gel
  • UV light and white light can be controlled by panel keys
  • Gel-cut protective cover for safe and easy excision of gel Software features:
  • Exposure value adjustment
  • Automatic and manual recognition of lanes
  • Calculation of molecular weight, optical density and mobility percentage
  • Easy generation of data in format of texts and excel sheets


It is most widely used in Molecular biology laboratories, genetic engineering, biotechnology and Research Institute that involves proteomics and genomics studies.

Optional Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 PC monitor
2 Thermal printer
3 Thermal paper rolls for printer

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