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Vertical Electrophoresis System NVES-200

Vertical Electrophoresis System NVES-200

Vertical Electrophoresis System NVES-200

Vertical Electrophoresis System NVES-200 is a dual gel casting apparatus that enables to run vertical gel electrophoresis on mini-format gels . The inspissate polycarbonate composed gel casting material enhances the reproducibility of the results and precision of the operation. The basic unit is composed of electrophoresis modules, casting stand and glass plates along with gel spacers to eliminate leakage and to retain the gel intact throughout the casting process. It is supported with gel combs of variety of thickness to impart wells with equidistant spacing to avoid interference of adjacent loaded samples.


Sample capacity Up to 32 samples
Number of gel slab 1 to 2 pcs
Gel dimension Standard configuration: 83×97 mm ; Optional configuration: 83×73 mm
Gel casting material Inspissate polycarbonate
Glass dimension Standard configuration: 100×105 mm ; Optional configuration: 100×84 mm
Prefabricated Plastic Compatible with pierce, Invitrogen and Bio-rad precast gels
Glue Quality 1 to 2
On Slot Buffer 200 ml
The following slot buffer 800 ml
Comb specification 1.0 mm thick, 9, 10, 15 and 18 well; 0.75 mm thick, 10 and 15 well; 1.5 mm thick, 10 and 15 well
Comb throughput 1.0 mm,9 well: 47 µl; 1.0 mm, 10 well: 44 µl;1.0 mm,15 well:26 µl; 1.0 mm,18 well: 16 µl; 0.75 mm, 10 well: 33 µl; 0.75mm, 15 well: 20 µl; 1.5 mm, 10 well: 66 µl; 1.5 mm, 15 well: 40 µl
Run time for SDS-PAGE 1 to 2 hour
External dimension 159×144×184 mm
Packaging dimension 330×200×200 mm
Net Weight 2.5 kg



It is widely used for various purposes of gene cloning, expression studies, immune electrophoresis and cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis, purity detection of antigen and antibody, clinical examination, medical research and educational purpose.

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