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Suction Apparatus NSUA-100

Suction Apparatus NSUA-100

Suction Apparatus NSUA-100

Suction Apparatus NSUA-100 is a specialized medical apparatus designed to extract fluids or gases during surgeries with a vacuum range up to 675mmhg. Improved with advanced anti over-flow technology endure pumping flow rate of 30L/min. Equipped with a suction pump, tubing, and a collection canister. Pump generates a vacuum to suction fluids from the surgical site.


Vacuum range 675mmhg
Pumping rate 30L/min
Max Negative Pressure Value ≥0.09MPA
Continuous Working Time ≥30min
Rest Time ≤30min
Jug Volume 2500ml glass bottle , 2PCS
Sound Level ≤50dB
Input Voltage AC220V ±22V
Power Consumption 120VA
Input Frequency 50HZ ±1HZ
Dimensions 46.5×41.5×64.5cm
Weight 11.9kg


  • Oil-free piston pump for peak performance in heavy-duty applications
  • High-capacity pump rate with advanced anti over-flow technology
  • Quiet and reliably steady operational performance
  • 10X bacterial filter in a suction pump is essential for infection control and ensuring patient safety
  • Glass jars are washable and can be sterilized for hygiene
  • Universal Caster with Stationery design
  • Suitable for clinic and operation room


It is employed to remove fluid and gases such as mucus, blood, saliva, or other secretions from body cavities like lungs, mouth and skull in Operation theatre and Emergency Departments.

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