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Vacuum Pump NVP-103

Vacuum Pump NVP-103

Vacuum Pump NVP-103

Vacuum Pump NVP-103 is a dual stage pump with a flow rate of 283 L/min. Integrated with vacuum controller, allowing precise control of the vacuum level. These are oil sealed pumps for lubrication, better performance and longevity. User-friendly operation and requires low maintenance.


Flow rate 283 L/min (10 CFM)
Vacuum 3 × 10 Pa (25 microns)
Inlet port 1/4 inches flare
Oil capacity 700 ml
Power 1 HP
Frequency 50 Hz
Dimensions 390 × 150 × 250 mm
Weight 14.6 kg



Vacuum Pump is used in various molecular biology, pharmaceutical and other laboratories dealing with processes like vacuum distillation, drying, filtration, rotary evaporation, degassing of liquids and for gas compression and conversion.

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Vacuum Pump