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Freeze Dryer NFD-104

Freeze Dryer NFD-104

Freeze Dryer NFD-104

Freeze Dryer NFD-104 is a multi-manifold type benchtop lyophilization unit that enables long-term preservation of biological, biomedical, and food preservation samples at low temperature in desiccation conditions. It features a color LCD touch screen display that displays running time, sample temperature, condenser temperature, vacuum degree, and saves data automatically. It is suitable for drying products in bulk, in vial and in flask.


Freeze drying area 0.08㎡
Ice condenser capacity 3-4 kg /24h
Condenser temperature -80 ℃
Final vacuum < 10 Pa
Tray Ф180mm , 3 layers Spacing 70mm
Bulk capacity 0.8L, 10mm thickness
Vial capacity Φ12mm 492 pcs
Vial capacity Φ16mm 279 pcs
Vial capacity Φ22mm 147 pcs
Condenser size Ф215mm, 140mm deep
Drying chamber size Ф260×540mm
Vacuum Pump Flow Rate 2 L/S, 7.2 m3/h
Defrosting Off Cycle Defrosting
Manifold with 8 ports
Flask Round bottom flask:1000ml,500ml ,250ml ,100ml,50ml Wide-neck flask:600ml,1200ml
Cooling Air cooling, ambient temperature ≤25℃
Voltage 220V/50 Hz/Single phase
Power 1400 W
Dimension (L ×W × H) 850 x 680x (400+540) mm
Weight 140kg



Freeze dryer NFD-104 is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry, and food production, etc.

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