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Multi Gas Analyzer NMA-270

Multi gas analyzer NMA-270

Multi Gas Analyzer NMA-270

Multi gas analyzer NMA-270 equipped with modular detection unit technology, configured with single gas sensor or multiple gas sensors, up to 16 kinds of gas can be detected. It has a clear LCD touch screen and an alarm function to ensure that toxic gases can also be detected and remind operators to prevent them in harsh working conditions.


Response time ≤30s
Indication error ≤3%FS
Gases analyzed EX, CO, O2, H2S, NH3, Benzene gas, natural gas, CH4, fluorine, H2S, HCL, N2, H2, CL2, NOx, formaldehyde, SO2, NO, NO2, Phospine, CO2, hydrogen fluoride
Temperature 20-50℃
Relative humidity ≤93% (non-condensing)
Preheating time ≤90s
Indication mode LCD color touch LCD display
Charging time no less than 10
Sampling mode built-in pump suction type
Continuous time no less than 10 hours
Continuous working time no less than 15 hours
Battery specification DC7.2 v-26ah lithium-ion recharge
Operation humidity 5-90% RH (No condensation)
Principle of sensor electrochemistry, catalysis, infrared laser
Dimensions (W×D×H) 293 mm x 109 mm x 209 mm
Weight 4.75kg



It is widely used in Petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection, boiler, pipeline and other flue gas analysis, air treatment, all need to detect and analyze gas concentration occasions.

Standard Accessories

Warranty cards
USB chargers
High grade aluminum alloy instrument boxes
Stainless steel sampling handle
Packing box

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