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Low Speed Centrifuge NLSC-105

Low Speed Centrifuge NLSC-105

Low Speed Centrifuge NLSC-105

Low-Speed Centrifuge NLSC-105 is a tabletop centrifuge with low centrifugal force and features rotor that holds up to 4 Babcock bottles for Babcock testing. The microprocessor-controlled system overcomes the adverse conditions like turbulence due to imbalance rotor and over speed. It is equipped with an electronic lid lock that ensures the safety of the equipment and of the user.


Maximum RPM 4000rpm
Maximum RCF 3830×g
Maximum Capacity 4 Babcock tube
Rotor Type Swing rotor
Timer 0min~99min
Speed Accuracy ± 20r/min
Power supply AC 220± 22V 50/60Hz
Noise ≤ 58dB
External Dimensions (L×W×H) 685 × 500 × 385 mm
Net Weight 67 kg



Widely employed in fat determination of various dairy products including milk and milk powder, etc.

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