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Biological Microscope NBM-100

Biological microscope NBM-100

Biological Microscope NBM-100

Biological Microscope NBM-100 is an optical instrument that aids in the visualization of microscopic biological entities that are invisible to the naked eye. It is a bright field, LED ergonomic microscope designed to visualize various biological specimens with precise focusing system. It features a coaxial positioning system and a coarse/fine adjustment knob that enables observations of microscopic fields in high resolution.


Viewing head Horizontal 45° inclined binocular
Eyepiece Wide Field Eyepiece WF10×, WF16×(Optional)
Objective Achromatic Objective 4×, 10×, 40×(S)100×(S, Oil) ;
Nosepiece Quadruple Nosepiece
Stage Double layers moving stage 140×140mm; Moving range 75×50mm
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus Adjustment System, Focusing range 28mm,Fine focusing scale value 0.002mm
condenser ABBE Condenser: N.A 1.25
S-LED lamp with brightness adjustable
Plan-concave Mirror
Gross weight 6kg



Biological Microscope NBM-100 is widely used for microscopic examination of biological specimens, test samples in healthcare and research organizations, industries, agriculture and biotechnological laboratories, food processing and developmental research studies, etc.

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