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Air Shower NAS-206

Air Shower NAS-206

Air Shower NAS-206

Air Shower NAS-206, commonly known as "clean room air shower" or "product air shower" is a novel structure which bathes the object/person with filtered air that passes through it. Air shower is self-contained with low energy consumption and easy maintenance usually located between clean room and outside environment. Equipped with HEPA-filtered air jets enables decontamination by clearing off dust and dirt particles from the bodies of Cleanroom personnel. The adaptable nozzle angle effectively blows out dust attached on the person/object surface.


Number Six person-Two side air blow
Nozzle Number 48
Diameter of nozzle Diameter 30 mm
Caliber of nozzle 15-20 m/s
Type of filter HEPA
Efficiency of filter Granularity is less than 0.5 µm, dust must be 99.99%. (sodium flame)
Size of air shower area 700×3600×1900 mm
Size of air shower 1300×3600×2050 mm
Power AC 220 V 50 Hz
Max power 2200 W
Weight 700 kg



Air shower series are used in various field such as colour packing, brewage, biological engineering, foodstuff, machinery, electron, medicine, and other industries as well as scientific research fields.

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