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Floor Balance NFRB-201

Floor Balance NFRB-201

Floor Balance NFRB-201

Floor Balance NFRB-201 is a precision weighing scale designed for precise measurements with a 30 kg capacity. It features a robust carbon-steel weighing body and a stainless-steel weighing pan. Plastic indicator with an adjustable angle or a stainless-steel indicator can be chosen. Equipped with a 4.8-inch LCD display. Full-range tare function enhances efficiency, accuracy, and convenience. Equipped with fully enclosed foam packaging to ensure transportation is not damaged. It also supports optional communication surface and has a built-in rechargeable battery


Capacity 30 Kg
Readability 0.1 g
Repeatability 0.2 g
Linearity 0.2 g
Pan dimension 300 × 400 mm
Overall dimension 300 × 400 × 150 mm
Packaging Dimension 850 × 480 × 230 mm
Net weight 6 Kg



Floor electronic balances are used in the food, pharmaceutical, textile, geological and jewellery industries, as well as in schools, hospitals, laboratories, medical, chemical, and other large factories

Optional Accessories

Built-in rechargeable battery

RS232 interface

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