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BOD Meter NBOD-101

BOD Meter NBOD-101

BOD Meter NBOD-101

BOD Meter NBOD-101 is a table top, mercury-free pressure sensing respirometry instrument designed to assess the quality standards of the water by determining the BOD value of the water sample. It is equipped with a continuous monitoring system enabled by pressure sensors that measure the air pressure difference established in reaction bottles. The pressure difference is directly correlated with BOD output value which is displayed individually for each bottle.


Measuring range 0 to 4000 mg/L
Measuring error ±10%
Resolution 2 mg/L
Cycle length 1-5 days
Sample quantity 6
Bottle capacity 580 ml
Culture temperature 20°C±1
Power supply AC 110/220, 50/60Hz
Rated power 20W
Overall dimension 520 × 420 × 420 mm
Weight 15 kg



It is widely used instrument for measurement of BOD value of surface water, sewage, industrial waste water specifically for determination of organic matter levels of wastewater treatment plants to monitor the efficiency of aerobic treatment procedures adopted by the industrial unit.

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BOD Meter