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Thermostatic Water Bath NTWB-100

Thermostatic Water Bath NTWB-100

Thermostatic Water Bath NTWB-100

Thermostatic Water Bath NTWB-100 is a microprocessor-controlled heating water bath with a capacity of 34 L. It has stainless steel shelves cover heater and sensor to avoid damage during using. Designed with easy-to-use controls to allow the user to monitor and set parameters. It plays a crucial role in maintaining precise temperature conditions for various laboratory processes, contributing to the reliability and reproducibility.


Capacity 34 L
Temperature range RT +10 to 99 ℃
Temperature fluctuation ± 0.5 ℃
Temperature homogeneity ± 0.5 ℃
Time 0 to 999 min
Power 1800 W
Power supply 220 V 50 Hz
Working dimension 600 × 300 × 190 mm
Dimension 770 × 380 × 350 mm
Gross weight 18 kg
Net weight 16 kg


  • Microprocessor controller precisely controls and maintain temperature
  • Alarm for over temperature
  • Digital display to set temperature and time
  • PID controller ensures accurate and stable temperature conditions
  • Stainless steel roof cover with good insulation performance
  • Bakelite handle for safe and convenient handling of the equipment
  • Automatic alarm after completion of operation


Thermostatic Water Bath is widely used in various scientific and industrial applications, including microbiology, molecular biology, and material testing

Standard Accessories

Stainless steel liner

Stainless steel top cover
PID controller
Bakelite handle

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