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COD Analyzer NCA-100

COD analyzer NCA-100

COD Analyzer NCA-100

COD analyzer NCA-100 measures the oxygen-depletion capacity of a water sample contaminated with organic waste matter. Specifically, it measures the equivalent amount of oxygen required to chemically oxidize organic compounds in water. It is designed and manufactured according to "Water Quality Determination of the Chemical Oxygen Demand; Fast Digestion; Spectrophotometric Method." It can test the COD value of water in 20 minutes.


COD high range COD low range
20-10000mg/L(subsection) 2-150mg/L(subsection)
COD < 50mg/L, accuracy ≤ ±5%; COD > 50mg/L, accuracy ≤ ±3% ≤ ± 5%
limits of detection
0.1mg/L 0.1mg/L
Determination time
20min 20min
Repeatability ≤ ±5%
Lamp life 100 thousand hours
Optical stability ≤±0.005A/20min
Colorimetric method Cuvette/Tube
Data storage 12000
Curve data 180
Display mode LCD (Resolution 320×240)
Power supply 220V


  • 3.5-inch color LCD screen, humanized operation hint, simple to use
  • Results in 20 minutes
  • Built-in printer
  • Dual wavelength (420 nm, 610 nm), detect high and low concentration samples
  • Concentration is displayed directly, without calculation
  • Less reagent consumption reduces pollution
  • Simple operation; no professional use
  • can provide powder reagents, convenient shipping, and a low price
  • can choose 9/12/16/25 position digester
  • direct reading, high accuracy, long service life and more stable
  • Large and small font display mode is free to switch, showing clearer data and more detailed parameters


COD analyzer NCA-100 is widely used for Sewage treatment plants, monitoring bureaus, environmental treatment companies, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, textile plants, university laboratories, food and beverage plants, etc.

Optional Accessories

Anti-chlorine interference <1000mg/L no influence;<100000mg/L
communication interface USB /Infrared

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