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Metallurgy Microscope NMM-100

Metallurgy Microscope NMM-100

Metallurgy Microscope NMM-100

The Metallurgy Microscope NMM-100 is designed to meet the performance demands of the metal and alloy engineering industry. Equipped with a high-quality infinite far beam system. The unit has a coarse and micro-motion coaxial focusing system. It features a falling and transmission illumination system, an infinite long-distance flat field achromatic objective lens, and a built-in polarizing observation device.


Flat field eyepiece Wide field of vision WF10X( Φ 22mm)
Long distance flat field objective Infinite PLL5X/0.12, 10X/0.25, 20X/0.40, 50X/0.70, 80X/0.80
Total magnification 50X-800X
Observation head Three eyes, hinged 30 ° tilt, 360 ° rotation
Converter Five holes (inward ball positioning)
Focusing system Coarse and micro motion coaxial focusing, with locking and limiting device, micro motion grid value: 2 μ m
Stage Double layer mechanical mobile type (size: 210mm × 140mm, moving range: 75mm × 50mm)
Pupillary distance 53-75mm
Color filter Blue, frosted
Falling light system 6V 30W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness, with field light bar, aperture light bar, (yellow, blue, green, frosted glass) filter conversion device, push-pull polarizer
Transmission lighting system 6V 30W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable
Condenser Abbe condenser N.A.1.25, with variable light bar, can be lifted up and down
Eyepiece parameters
Type Magnification F.O.V(mm) Tube diameter(mm)
WF10X/22 10X Φ22 Φ30
Objective Patrameters
Magnification N. A R(μm) WD (mm) Conjugate (mm) Par focus
5X 0.12 2.30 26.10 45
10X 0.25 1.10 8.80 45
20X 0.40 0.70 8.60 45
50X 0.70 0.48 3.68 45
80X 0.80 0.42 1.25 45
Dimensions 26 × 46 × 55 cm
Package size 28 × 35 × 65cm
Net weight 10 kg
Gross weight 12 kg



Metallurgy Microscope is used for observing metallographic samples, electronic chips and other samples. It is an ideal instrument for the research of biology, metallurgy, mineralogy, precision engineering, electronics, etc.

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