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Halogen Moisture Analyzer NHMA-110

Halogen Moisture Analyzer NHMA-110

Halogen Moisture Analyzer NHMA-110

Halogen Moisture Analyzer NHMA-110 is a compact and space-saving analyzer that provides a reliable and efficient method for moisture determination in samples. Our analyzer with a scale range boasting a capacity of 110g/10 mg. Improved calibration functions for both temperature and weight, ensuring precise moisture analysis. User-friendly touchscreen display allows for easy operation through intuitive icon-driven menu navigation.


Capacity 110 g/10 mg
Readability 10 mg
Moisture Range 0.0%-100%
Moisture Readability Accuracy 0.2%
Dry Residual Range 100.00%---0.00%
Dry Residual Readability Accuracy 0.2%
Pan Size Φ 90mm
Heating mode Halogen Lamp
Temperature sensor Pt-100
Temperature Range 40 to 199℃
Ambient Temperature 5 to 35°C
Resolution 1°C
Time Range 1~99 min
Automatic Shutdown 0.1%---9.9%within 1 min
ATRO 100%~999%
Balance External power, Output: 9V, input: 220V+15%, 50Hz
Power Supply 220V+15%50Hz, 115V+15%
Power Consumption 400 W
Calibration External Calibration
Dimension 200 × 180 × 380mm
Weight 6 Kg



Halogen Moisture Analyzer is extensively used in research facilities, laboratories, and educational environments. Ideal for material testing, quality control, and measuring moisture content in samples.

Standard Accessories

Moisture Meter 1 set

Wind Cover 1 piece
The sample pan holder 1 piece
Tray handle 1 piece
Power cord 1 piece
Aluminum sample pan 1 set

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Halogen Moisture Analyzer