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Density Meter NDSM-100

Density Meter NDSM-100

Density Meter NDSM-100

Density Meter NDSM-100 is a plug-in type densitometer with a high-performance micro-controller integrated circuit providing high accuracy, good stability and strong anti-jamming function. The fluid density is directly proportional to the vibrational frequency obtained by the tuning fork when the sensor is put into the medium. Temperature compensation is provided by the built-in temperature sensor.


Density Range 500 to 2500 Kg/ m3
Calibration Range 800 to 1200 Kg/ m3
Accuracy ± 1 Kg/ m3 / ± 2 Kg/ m3
Repeatability ± 0.2 Kg/ m3
Sensitivity Level 0.0001 cm3/g
Temperature Range (-20 to + 150) ℃
Maximum Working Pressure 10 Mpa
Fluid Viscosity Range 0 to 20000 cP
Temperature Coefficient Less than 1 Kg/ m3 / ℃
Pressure Effect Negligible
Built In Temperature Sensor PT100
Wetting Material 316 L stainless stain Hastelloy
Fork Coating Standard, PTFE or electropolished
Power Supply 24 VDC
Analog Signal Outage 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 1000Hz, RS232
Output Accuracy ± 0.1 % of reading or ± 0.05 %FS
Output Repeatability ± 0.05 %FS
Protection Level IP65
Shell Material Aluminium alloy
Weight 5 Kg



Density Meter is mainly used in petrochemical industry, brewing industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and mineral processing.

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