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Servo Hydraulic Dynamic And Fatigue Testing System NSHS-100

Servo Hydraulic Dynamic and Fatigue Testing System NSHS-100

Servo Hydraulic Dynamic And Fatigue Testing System NSHS-100

Servo Hydraulic Dynamic and Fatigue Testing System NSHS-100 is an advanced range of fully integrated testing systems with high control accuracy and good reliability. It covers a broad range of tests, including tension, compression, low-cycle fatigue, and high-cycle fatigue tests on various materials and components. The flow rate of 110L/min, system pressure of 21MPa, and 25kN static force make this system more user-convenient.


Number Of Control Channels 1
Number Of Configured Site Control Interfaces 2
Data Frequency 6kHz
Resolution Of Controller A/D And D/A 24 bits
Waveform of Signal Generator sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, sawtooth wave, etc
Control Accuracy Static Control accuracy: 0.3% FS/ Dynamic Control accuracy: 0.5% FS
Servo Valve Drive Unit Two-stage
Hydraulic Pump Station Control Function Remote
Counter Capacity 10⁸
Other Necessary I/O Units four analog inputs and four analog output interfaces; Four digital input and four digital output interfaces (optional)
Static Test Force ±25kN
Dynamic Test Force ±25kN, ± 2% FS for each gear
Actuator Amplitude ±25mm
Frequency Range 0.1 to 10Hz
Main Test Waveform Controller supported
Pressure of Servo Pump Station flow rate 110L/min, 21Mpa, motor power 55kW
Column Spacing 400mm
Maximum Test Space 1000mm
Dimensions 1×0.7×2.7 m
Weight 2 tons


  • The host employs a four-column frame structure with hydraulic lifting, clamping, and elastic release for crossbeam stability during tests
  • Column surfaces are electroplated with hard chromium for enhanced wear resistance
  • Crossbeam movement is enhanced with HAWE hydraulic components with ultra-high pressure and zero leakage, ensuring reliability
  • Integrated with high-precision LVDT displacement sensors to measure experimental displacement
  • A precision oil filter with 0.003mm filtering accuracy and a dedicated two-stage electro-hydraulic servo valve enhance actuator performance
  • The modular servo linear actuator offers low damping, high response, and a long lifespan
  • A hydraulic buffer zone at the amplitude limit prevents damage from running out of control
  • Supplied with high-precision load sensor is used to measure test loads, with a pre-stressed ring for improved dynamic response
  • Conveniently designed sample clamping, beam movement, and emergency stop button stations enhance usability
  • Utilizes bidirectional clamping for sample coaxiality regardless of thickness changes
  • The piston, made of alloy steel, undergoes high-frequency quenching for durability and wear resistance


This versatile machine assesses mechanical properties, serving industries like aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing for quality control and safety. It performs crack growth and fracture mechanics tests on various materials.

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