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Electronic Balance NEB-205

Electronic balance NEB-205

Electronic Balance NEB-205

Electronic balance NEB-205 is an electromagnetic weighing balance designed for the precise quantification of mass or samples. It is equipped with an aluminum-based sensor for enhanced readability of the estimation procedure. It is equipped with an automatic zero tracking function to overcome any drifts in measurements.


Max capacity 1100/g
Weight 500/g
Resolution 0.01g
Weighing Pan size Φ130mm, 160×160mm
Line Voltage AC220V /DC6V
Readability 0.01/g
repeatability error 0.01/g
Linearity error 0.01/g
Response time ≤3 Second
Use ambient temperature 5-25℃
Dimensions 270x195x85mm
Single package size 310x230x130mm
net weight 2 kg



It is widely used in chemical and reagent manufacturing units, pharmaceutical laboratories, bioorganic departments, food processing and development laboratories, and manufacturing units of processed or under processed goods. It is also used for certain applications in test laboratories for educational purposes, etc.

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