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Filter Integrity Tester NFIT-100

Filter Integrity Tester NFIT-100

Filter Integrity Tester NFIT-100

Filter Integrity Tester NFIT-100 is a compact device capable of measuring filter integrity. Operates at pressures ranging from 100 to 10,000 mbar, with a test range of BP 100 to 8000 mbar, DF1-600 ml/min, and WI 0.01 to 100ml/min. Equipped with both digital and analog interfaces as per the standard configuration. Features powerful functions including password protection, permission control, authority grading, and electronic signature, making it highly secure with an online automatic sterilization control system.


Operation Pressure 100 to 260 VAC, 50 Hz, 120W
Operation Condition Ambient Temperature:+5℃ to +40℃ Relative Humidity:10 to 80%
Unit m bar
Test Scope BP:100 to 8000 mbar DF:1 to 600 ml/min WI:0.01 to 100ml/min
Test Accuracy Upstream Volume Test:≤ ± 4%
Bubble Point Test:≤ ± 50 m bar
Diffusion Flow Test: ≤ ± 4%
Water Immersion:≤ ± 0.01 ml
Function Manual Bubble point Test
Basic Bubble Point Test
Extensive Bubble Point Test
Pressure Holding Test
Diffusion Flow Test Water Intrusion Test Ultrafiltration Membrane Test
Print Function Built-in printer
Applied Range Symmetric and asymmetric membrane test, needle filter, filter bag, flat filter, filter cartridge (big filter volume), ultrafiltration membrane, ultrafiltration column, a variety of irregular filters
Reservation Solution 120 sets
Historical Records More than 15000 sets unlimited sets records
Records Copy Support USB disk to export (Include test curve)
Display Screen 7-inch, color touch screen
Serial Connection RS232/USB
Applicable Environment Above Level
Anti-liquid level Front IP65
Power Supply 100 – 260 VAC, 50HZ, 120W
Weight 8 Kg



Filter Integrity Tester is widely used in applications in the pharmaceutical and PET industries for scientific research.

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Filter Integrity Tester