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Electronic Balance NEB-303

Electronic Balance NEB-303

Electronic Balance NEB-303

Electronic Balance NEB-303 is an electromagnetic weighing apparatus designed for the precise quantification of mass or samples. It is equipped with an aluminium based sensor for enhanced functionality of the measuring apparatus. It is featured with over load protection that retains functionality of the instrument by overcoming conditions like hysteresis.


Maximum Capacity 0-500g
Readability 0.01g
Repeatability ≤ 0.01g
Linearity 0.02g
Display dimensions(L×W) 95 × 25 mm
Pan circle diameter Ø130mm
Value stable time 3 s
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 250×180×80 mm
Net weight 2kg


  • Large white back-light LCD screen to display measured output
  • It is made up of iron-stainless steel material
  • Both effective internal as well as external calibration of instrument
  • Range of unit representation like g, kg, oz, ct, lb, GN is possible
  • Full range tare and zero-tracking overcomes drifts in measurement
  • Automatic turn off post operation without manual activity


It is widely used in Chemical and reagent manufacturing units, Pharmaceutical laboratories, bioorganic departments, food processing and development laboratories, and manufacturing units of processed or under process goods. It is also used for certain applications in test laboratories for educational purpose etc.

Optional Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 Windshield
2 Printer
3 Weighing hook
4 Rechargeable battery

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