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Liquid Nitrogen Dewar NLND-202

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar NLND-202

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar NLND-202

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar NLND-202 is durable, vaccum-insulated stainless steel cryogenic container with multi-layer thermal insulation that helps store and transport cryogenic liquid oxygen, nitrogen or argon. It features lockable lid that provides protection and sample isolation. These systems are are capable of providing continuous flow rates of up to 9.2 cu.m/h. These containers are ideal for transporting biological samples at cryogenic temperature while preserving sample integrity.


Working Pressure 1.4 Mpa
Pressure Relief Valve 1.59 Mpa
Inner Container Bursting Disc 2.60 Mpa
Maximum Liquid Capacity 210 L
Usable Liquid Capacity 197 L
O2 Filling Capacity 205 kg
N2 Filling Capacity 145 kg
Argon Filling Capacity 250 kg
Natural Gas Filling Capacity 86.3 kg
CO2 Filling Capacity 164 kg
N2O Filling Capacity 227 kg
Dimensions (D×H) 508 × 1707 mm
Tare Weight 123 kg



Employed in farming, medical treatment, scientific research such as in biological engineering and medical sanitation for storing the active biological materials such as the breeding livestock's semen and embryos, vaccines, genes and dry cell.

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Liquid Nitrogen Dewar