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PH ORP Meter NPOM-100

pH ORP meter NPOM-100

PH ORP Meter NPOM-100

pH ORP meter NPOM-100 is an online versatile meter to detect the Potential of Hydrogen (pH) and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of aqueous systems. It provides the accuracy required for any pH monitoring or control application. Such monitors are suitable for a reliable, long-lasting, and cost-saving pH measurement system in a demanding, harsh environment.


Model name NPOM-100
Measuring Range -2.00~20.00pH
Display Resolution 0.01pH
Measurement Accuracy ± 0.01pH
Calibration Point 1 to 3 points
Ph Buffer Option USA(4.01、7.00、10.01), NIST(4.01、6.86、9.18)
Measurement Mode ±1999.9mV
Offset Calibration 1mV
Temperature Compensation Range ±0.1mV
Data Lock Relative or absolute mV
Automatic Shut-Down 0~105°C/32~221°F
Data Storage 0.1°C/0.1°F
Communication Output ±0.5°C/±0.9°F
Connector 1 point, measured value ±10°C
Display Screen 0~100°C/32~212°F, manual or automatic
Power Type Manual or automatic end point lock
Dimensions (W×D×H) 30 minutes after no key operation
Meter Weight 100 groups



It is designed for industrial water purification/treatment, batch or on-line type application that requires accurate pH or ORP control and is ideal for chemical processing, aquarium, pharmaceutical, food processing, waste control industries and hydroponics.

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