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Microplate Washer NMWR-100

Microplate Washer NMWR-100

Microplate Washer NMWR-100

Microplate Washer NMWR-100 is an essential laboratory micro plate or ELISA plate cleaning system. The efficient rinsing of minute spaces between the wells is achieved by adjustable manifold channels. It allows cleansing of Flat, V-bottom or U-bottom plate type that implicit versatile performance of the equipment.


Manifold 8 pins and 12 pins
Washing Mode Strip mode and plate mode
Wash strips 1~12 adjustable
Washing times 0~99 times adjustable
Dipping time 0~3600s adjustable
Shaking time 0~600s adjustable
Residual volume ≤ 1µl/well
Liquid volume 50~3000µl/well
Sipping time 0.1~9.9s
Ambient Environment Temperature 5°C-40°C, Humidity 80%
Power Supply 198~242V, 49~51Hz
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 448×382×163mm
Net Weight 8kg



It is used as an one of the essential equipment in areas of clinical, cancer cell biology, animal tissue culture laboratories for cleaning of the micro plate or Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (ELISA) plate to wash cell cultures, protein arrays, Western blots and beads as well as applied in DNA purification protocols .and prevent initial sample interference in proceeding experiments.

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