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Microvolume Spectrophotometer NMVS-102

Microvolume Spectrophotometer NMVS-102

Microvolume Spectrophotometer NMVS-102

Microvolume Spectrophotometer NMVS-102, also referred to as low volume, small volume or nano-spectrophotometer, is a fast and reliable instrument designed for measurement of a sample concentration speedily in less than 5 seconds. The model features small footprint and touchscreen control for easy laboratory setup with minimal investment of time, cost, and effort. The built-in micro-volume sample port allows for working with sample volumes as little as 1-2µL. One-swipe cleaning streamlines allows you to quickly move from sample to sample resulting in better workflow.


Detector 2048-element linear silicide CCD array
Light source Long-life pulsed xenon flash lamp
Wavelength range 200 ~ 850nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 1nm
Wavelength resolution 2nm (FWHM at Hg 546nm)
Sample volume 0.3 ~ 2 μL
Path length 1mm, 0.05mm (optical path automatic conversion)
Absorbance range 0.002-750 (equivalent to 10mm)
Absorbance accuracy 1% (0.76 absorbance at 350nm)
Absorbance precision 0.002 Abs
Measurement time < 5 seconds
Nucleic acid measurement range 0.4 ~ 37500ng /μl ds-DNA
Protein measurement range 0.01 ~ 800mg/ml, BSA
Power supply AC 110/220V ±10%; 50/60Hz
Dimensions 530 × 430 × 480mm
Weight 7 kg



It is an ideal instrument which is widely used in Research laboratories, Research Organizations or Institutes for educational purpose, QC laboratories.

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