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Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer NLPA-100

Automatic laser particle size analyzer NLPA-100

Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer NLPA-100

Automatic laser particle size analyzer NLPA-100 has an advanced optical path design with enhanced resolution of the tool. It determines super small particles with test range of 0.1 µm to 800 µm and has 70 detector channels. Equipped with fourth generation detector ensuring strong oxidation resistance and photoelectric conversion efficiency. Designed with laser intelligent management system for real time monitoring of the working state of the equipment.


Test range 0.1 μm to 800 μm
Number of detector channels 70
Accuracy error 1% (National standard sample D50 value)
Repeatability error 0.5% (National standard sample D50 value)
Laser parameter Imported fiber output high power laser λ= 635nm, P> 10mW
Light path calibration Automatic optical path calibration
Dispersion method
Ultrasonic Frequency: F =40KHz, power: P =80W, time: adjustable; With ultrasonic anti-dry burning
Circulating and stirring Integrated design of circulation mixing, speed: 100-3950 RPM adjustable speed
Circular flow Rated flow: 0 to 10 L/min Adjustable rated power: 25W
Sample pool Self-designed boiling sample tank, better dispersion effect, capacity: 190 to 600 ml can be normal test
Dimensions 850 × 410 × 450 mm
Weight 30 Kg


  • Advanced optical path design confirms maximum range to improve resolution
  • High-density detection analyzer ensures full-range testing capability
  • Precise test results to ensure great stability
  • Real-time storage of test data for reliability of the device
  • Human-computer interaction for ease of accessibility
  • Fully sealed fiber semiconductor laser provides best stability
  • Reproducible results validating the accuracy of the equipment
  • Automatic testing, not requiring manual selection of data
  • Ultrasonic anti-dry burning function for avoiding damage during lack of water
  • SOP self-editing function for editing different test procedures according to different samples
  • Sealed instruments greatly improve service life of the internal components
  • Shockproof structure avoids interference of external vibration to the instrument
  • Automatic centering system to improve the accuracy of test results
  • New design for avoiding bubble interference
  • Optional Strong anti-corrosion design for durability of the machine
  • Dispersant automatic filling system for improving the stability of the instrument
  • Channel steel guide for more stability and reliability
  • Quick window changing device for the convenience of the user


Automatic laser particle size analyzer is widely used for measuring particle size and particle size distribution of materials across pharmaceuticals, food, molecular biology, and microbiological industries.

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