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Liquid Nitrogen Dewar NLND-106

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar NLND-106

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar NLND-106

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar NLND-106 is durable, lightweight aluminium alloy cryogenic container with multi-layer thermal insulation that helps store and dispense small amounts of liquid nitrogen. It features lockable lid that provides protection and sample isolation. Equipped with rack and box system, it helps in efficient sample retrieval simple and consumes minimum liquid nitrogen. These containers are ideal for transporting biological samples at cryogenic temperature while preserving sample integrity.


Storage capacity 50L
Neck diameter 50 mm
Outer diameter 462 mm
Overall height 810 mm
Static evaporation rate 0.24L/day
Static storage time 252 days
No. of cannisters 6
Cannister dimension (D×H) 63 × 276 mm
Vial capacity (0.5ml) 1284
Vial capacity (0.25ml) 2832
Empty weight 21.1 kg
Gross weight 22 kg


  • Compact design in order to minimize space requirements
  • Low static evaporation due to advanced vacuum insulation, more economical
  • Pail-style handle for easy transport
  • Convenient fill/withdrawal mouth opening


Employed in farming, medical treatment, scientific research such as in biological engineering and medical sanitation for storing the active biological materials such as the breeding livestock's semen and embryos, vaccines, genes and dry cell.

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