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Vapour Hydrogen Peroxide Generator NVHG-100

Vapour Hydrogen Peroxide Generator NVHG-100

Vapour Hydrogen Peroxide Generator NVHG-100

Vapour Hydrogen Peroxide Generator NVHG-100 is a fully innovative and spacious free device that performs sterilization and offers outstanding sample safety with advanced protocol security. At normal temperatures, hydrogen peroxide in its gaseous state has more sporicidal potency than in its liquid form. Featuring a capacity of 500 g that works within the temperature range between 20°C to 40°C with safety and sanitation. All parameters are displayed on an LCD screen for fast and easy operation with perfect inspection.


Capacity 500 g
Temperature Range 20°C to 40 °C
Injection Rate 0 to 4 g/min
Airflow for Sterilization ≤ 2.4 m³/min
Vaporization Temperature ≤ 100 °C
Humidity for Dehumidification ≤ 30% RH
Sterilization Space ≤ 503
Sterilizing Agent 35% of food-grade hydrogen peroxide solution
Dehumidizer Molecular sieve
Sterilizing Ratio 106 for fat thermophilic spore
Interface of Connected Air Air pipeline at 8
Humidity ≤ 70% RH
Noise ≤ 70 dB(A)
Compressed Air ≥ 0.4 Mpa
Power Supply AC 220 V ± 22 V, frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
Power Consumption 2500 W
Working Mode Continuous
Ground Wire Ineffective connection with ground and ground impedance with no more than 4Ὼ
Dimension 560 × 720 × 1000 mm


  • Integrated with a dehumidification feature to regulate temperature and humidity
  • Energy-efficient PID control systems maintain temperature stability and uniformity for better working conditions
  • Self-diagnostic functions include a fast sterilization cycle
  • Constructed with a unique grease-free stainless-steel interior to prevent protection against corrosion
  • Excellent material compatibility for testing exists with hydrogen peroxide
  • Improved with good gas material and hydrogen peroxide compatibility
  • Configured with safety alarm alter that triggers warning against temperature deviation, power failure, and sensor error alert
  • Include a remote USB port that enables easy communication via PC or printer
  • Attached to components of the imported silicone tube and aseptic bayonet
  • Trouble-free maintenance with convenient cleaning
  • Simple handling with safety and sanitation


It is widely used in laboratories, the medical field, research institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry to eradicate bacteria, fungi, and some of the most lethal agents.

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