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TLC Apparatus NTLC-100

TLC Apparatus NTLC-100

TLC Apparatus NTLC-100

TLC Apparatus NTLC-A100 is a versatile instrument that makes quantifying and identifying compounds from the given mixture effortless. Features automatic energy calibration for its light source. Maintains wavelength accuracy across the spectral range of 200nm to 850nm. Enables the analysis of unknown substances with the help of UV. The workstation offers a robust performance and allows full computer control.


Measurement method Absorption method, fluorescence method (optional)
Spectral range 200nm-850nm (continuously adjustable)
Light source Halogen tungsten lamp, deuterium lamp (automatic switching)
Monochrome Holographic grating (1200 lines/mm)
Spectral bandwidth 10nm
Wavelength accuracy ±1nm
Minimum resolution 25 – 50µM
Measurement platform 200mm × 200mm chromatographic plate
Scanning speed 0 – 120mm/s
Operating system WIN7 32-bit, WIN10 64-bit
Interface USB interface
Power voltage 220V 300W
Dimensions (L×W×H) 64×97×41cm
Weight 36kg



TLC Apparatus is a valuable tool used to separate and analyse mixtures of compounds. It is widely used in pharmaceuticals, chemistry, forensic science, food analysis, environmental science, biochemistry and herbal medicine.

Optional Accessories

SP-20E automatic TLC sampler

TD-II automatic thin layer boarding machine
TS-II ultra-fine electric thin-layer sprayer
GoodSee- 20ETLC Imaging System
TK-10 electric expander

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