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Shaker Water Bath NSWB-100

Shaker Water Bath 

Shaker Water Bath NSWB-100

Shaker Water Bath NSWB-100 is a reciprocating, thermostatic bench-top water bath that allows for steady mixing of samples at a controlled temperature. Equipped with microprocessor PID control, it provides precise temperature control, which is ideal for continuous unsupervised instrument operation. With variable speed control, the mixing conditions can be optimized as required by the user.


mode Reciprocating oscillation + thermostatic water bath
Operating Temperature Range RT~100℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Motion ±0.1℃
Temperature Uniformity ±0.2℃
Reciprocal Oscillation (Amplitude) 16 or 24mm (Ex-factory is 16mm)
Reciprocating Frequency Range 20~180(r/min)
Reciprocating Frequency Accuracy ±1rpm
Water Tank Mirror stainless steel
Outer Shell Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Upper Cover Mirror stainless steel
Insulating Layer Polyurethane
Heater Stainless Steel Heater
Driving Mode Crankshaft+ double link + four wheels
Shelf Mirror stainless steel
Power Rating 1.5kW
Temperature Control Mode LCD PID Intelligent control
Reciprocating Control Mode LCD PID Intelligent control
Setting Mode Touch button setting
Temperature Display Mode LCD Display
Speed Display Mode LCD Display
Timer 0~9999 min
Operation Function Fixed value operation, timing function, auto stop, quickly stop start
Temperature Sensor Pt100
Speed Sensor Hoare
Additional Function Deviation correction, menu keys locked, power-off memory
Water Tank Size (W×L×H) 500×310×200 mm
Exterior Size (W×L×H) 828×360×425 mm
Packing Size (W×L×H) 910×500×600 mm
Spring Shock Basket Size 395×250 mm
Shock Basket Largest Single size (ml/piece) 100ml×12/250×8/500×6
Safety Device over temperature alarm, menu locked, water full or shortage protection, motor shaft lock protection
Inside Volume 31 L
Shock Basket Bearing 5kg / layer
Current Rating (50Hz) AC220V/6.8A
Net Weight 20 Kg
Gross Weight 30 Kg



It is widely used for various studies and experiments in biotechnology, clinical, environmental, microbiology. Medical and industrial applications.

Standard Accessories

Water bath flask seat

tube rack

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Shaker Water Bath