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Automatic Potentiometric Titrator NAPT-104

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator NAPT-104

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator NAPT-104

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator NAPT-104 is compact, automated titration device to determine the concentration of the target substance in solution by reacting it with a measured amount of another chemical. It performs simple routine laboratory titrations and eliminates any kind of manual error. Adopting a modular design, it is easy to operate with quick results and high precision and accuracy.


Measuring Range (-1999.0~1999.0) mv; (0.00~14.00) pH
Measuring Resolution 0.1mV; 0.01pH
Measuring Accuracy pH: ± 0.01 pH; mv: ±0.03% FS
Measuring Fluctuation (± 0.3mV ±1bit) /3h
Temperature range (-5.0~105.0) ℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.3℃
Burette Accuracy 10ml Burette: ±0.025ml; 20ml Burette: ±0.035ml
Burette Resolution 10ml Burette: 1/20000; 20ml Burette: 2/10000
Burette Repeatability 0.002
Supplementary Burette Speed 55 ± 10s (when burette is full scale)
Resolution of Drive 1/30000
Titration Sensitivity ±2 mV
Power Supply AC 110V/ 220V ± 10%, 50/60HZ
External Dimension (W× D ×H) 340 × 400 × 400 mm
Net Weight 10 kg


  • 7-inch colour touchscreen with smart guide system and display of titration methods, curves and results in detail
  • Pre-installed burette (10 ml or 20 ml selectable) with high-accuracy
  • Supports DET (dynamic equivalence point titration), MET (monotone equivalence point titration), SET (Pre-set Endpoint Titration) and MAT (manual titration) titration methods
  • pH calibration and measurement along with 100 user-defined methods, 10 user-defined shortcuts and data storage of 200 titration sets (GLP-compliant)
  • Auto calculation with pre-defined formula with data analysis for user review
  • Equipped with RS-232 communication interface for data transfer and computer control and can be connected to external printer
  • Extra burette driver can be installed (optional)


It is widely used for macro titration, micro titration, volume setting titration, EP, etc. in Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Biotechnology, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Waters, Dyes, Paints, Food & Beverage industries as well as in Oil distilleries.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 10ml Burette
2 Platinum Electrode
3 Silver Electrode
4 pH Electrode (indicator)
5 Single Bridge Reference Electrode
6 Double Bridge Reference Electrode
7 pH Buffer Powders (4.01, 7.00, 10.01)
8 ATC Probe

Optional Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 20ml Burette
2 Anti-diffusion Capillary
3 Auxiliary Burette Driver

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