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Corrosive Cabinet NSCC-100

Corrosive Cabinet NSCC-100

Corrosive Cabinet NSCC-100

Corrosive Cabinet NSCC-100 is a compact device useful for carrying out various laboratory activities. It offers shelf loading weight capacity of 100 Kg. Double wall construction of the cabinet provides full resistance from the fire. Incidental trips are tracked by leak tight sump to upgrade the efficiency. Equipped with 2-inch vents having integral flame arresters to provide required ventilation.


 Cabinet type Corrosive cabinet
Volume 170 L
Shelf Loading Capacity 100 Kg
Door type Self-latching door
Shelves 3 pcs (Adjustable)
Exterior dimension (W × D × H) 1090 × 460 × 1650 mm
Packing Dimension (W × D × H) 1160 × 530 × 1790 mm
Net Weight 127 Kg
Gross Weight 151 Kg


  • Galvanized steel coating of Corrosive Cabinet
  • Self-latching door ensures simple operation
  • 180 ° opening of door for convenience
  • Spill catcher shelves smoothen device handling
  • Integrated grounding static connector
  • PVC trays cutdown leakage of corrosive liquids
  • Anti-Static Device with a conductor grip prevents static-related fire accidents


Corrosive Cabinet is ideal for safely storing corrosive liquids in laboratories, universities, and research institutes with features such as anti-static protection and compliance with safety ordinances.

Optional Accessories

Tray for corrosive cabinet


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