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FTIR Spectrometer NIRS-100

FTIR Spectrometer NIRS-100

FTIR Spectrometer NIRS-100

FTIR Spectrometer NIRS-100 is an analytical instrument that enables determination of structural analysis of sample compound. It is equipped with air cooled infra-red light as a source of illumination. It is featured with high resolution DLATGS detector for accurate detection of unstable compounds.


Light source Infra Red
Beam splitter KBr coated with Ge
Wave number Range 7800 ~ 375 cm-1
Interferometer Michelson interferometer with 30 degrees of incidence angle
τ line tilt range 2200~1900 cm-1
Resolution 1 cm-1
Wave Number Repeatability 1 cm-1
Transmittance Accuracy ≤+0.2%
Signal Noise Ratio 30000:1
Detector DLATGS
Detector resolution 4cm-1
Sample and background scan 1 min at 2100cm-1
ZnSe single reflection ATR plate < 22%T
Wavelength end of the spectrum near 400 cm-1
ZnSe crystal plate wavelength cut-off 520 cm-1
IR absorbance bands 2600 and 1900 cm-1
Electronic System A/D converter of 24 bits at 500MHz, USB 2.0
Software GB / T 21186-2007 national standard calibration function and JJF 1319-2011 infrared with standard calibration function
Power supply 110-220V AC, 50-60Hz
Overall dimensions 450 × 350 × 235 mm
Net Weight 14kg


  • Easy to handle design
  • Convenient installation and maintenance
  • High resolution DLATGS detector with moisture-proof coating
  • High performance long life ceramic light source with luminous efficiency is as high as 80%
  • Sealed Michelson interferometer, combined with moisture proof beam splitter
  • Push pull type sample bin that greatly reduces the chances of error due to the interference of water and carbon dioxide in the air
  • Featured with low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • It's off axis mirror using SPDT cutting process, with excellent optical efficiency and system consistency
  • Steel rail, heavy load, low friction, ensures data stability and repeatability
  • It operates with spectral data acquisition monitoring preview mode and land acquisition process
  • It provides access to standard library of approximately 1800 spectra for free that includes most common compounds


It is widely used in multiple fields like material science for study of polymers, organic and inorganic materials etc, petrochemical, bio pharmaceutical, in Food research and development for determination of food safety, Scientific Research Institutes for educational purpose etc.

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