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Pneumatic Mattresses NPNM-100

Pneumatic Mattresses NPNM-100

Pneumatic Mattresses NPNM-100

Pneumatic Mattresses NPNM-100 is equipped with advanced air-jet technology, allowing for continuous adjustments to the mattress surface. With a 12-minute fluctuation cycle, it precisely redistributes pressure to meet patients’ unique needs. Our mattress provides targeted relief by incorporating multi-zone support to address specific pressure points.


Fluctuation Cycle Time 12min ±10%
Working Pressure 15KPa to 20KPa (220V)
Noise < 45dB
Power Consumption 220W, 50Hz
Power Supply 11VA
Pump Dimension 29.5 ×19 × 17.5 cm
Mattress Dimension 190 × 90cm
Packaging Dimension (W×D×H) 36 × 23.5 × 39.5cm
Net Weight 6 kg
Gross Weight 7 kg


  • The air mattress is crafted using Nylon PV
  • Equipped with independent tubular air cushions
  • Enhanced with antimicrobial properties
  • Incorporates electromagnetic pump
  • Provides intuitive controls for precision settings adjustment


Widely utilized in pressure ulcer prevention, post-surgery recovery, pain management, critical care and intensive care units, elderly care, and long-term facilities.

Standard Accessories

Air cushions

Air pump
Double cavity connection pipe (PVC, inner diameter 6.5, length 2.5m)
Fuse tube (5x20/F500mAL 250 V)

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