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Microwave Digestion System NMDS-201

Microwave Digestion System NMDS-201

Microwave Digestion System NMDS-201

Microwave Digestion System NMDS-201 is an instrument used in sample preparation for superior trace elemental analysis. Equipped with variable frequency resonance microwave heating system, it prepares samples in less time than traditional methods and is therefore an instrument of choice for sample preparation. It also saves on usage of acid required for sample digestion and also retains the volatile elements. This instrument is used in labs to ensure accurate sample analysis and quick results.


Sample vessel 18 / batch
Vessel volume 100 mL
Microwave power 0-3000W, adjustable
Microwave frequency 2450MHz
Microwave leak <5mw/ cm²
Digestion method Microwave heating
Temperature range 50°C-400℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
Pressure control range 0-10 Mpa
Pressure accuracy ± 0.01 Mpa
Maximum pressure 20 Mpa
Vessel Pressure capacity 20 Mpa
Display 7" LCD screen
Control mode Touch screen
Power supply AC 220V ±10% 50Hz
Dimension 630 × 630 × 590 mm
Weight 75 kg


  • Multiple safety protection function with real time display for pressure and temperature of each vessel
  • Contactless pressure and temperature testing
  • Inner TFM imported and outer PEEK glass fiber vessel resistant tocorrosion and high temperatures and pressure
  • Stores up to 255 programs according to user's requirements, each method program can set 10 digestion steps
  • Adjustable parameters like temperature, pressure, time, microwave power as per convenience for users


Employed in food, textile, plastic, geological, metallurgical, coal, biological medicine, petroleum chemical industry, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment, battery manufacturing, cosmetics, etc.

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