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Stereo Microscope NSM-102

Stereo Microscope NSM-102

Stereo Microscope NSM-102

Stereo Microscope NSM-102 is an optical instrument with low magnification aids in three-dimensional surface screening of opaque or relatively thick specimens. It is equipped with a working stage made of a fine glass material to hold the specimen under study in place. It is featured with rack and pinion focusing adjustment for the coarse focus mechanism of a microscope.


Objective Grouped Form Any Two Objectives of 1X,2X,3X,4X, Working distance:100mm, 2X-81mm,3X-61mm, 4X-57mm
Eyepiece Wide field Plan-scope Eyepiece: WF10X/18mm (a Pair), with a Diotor Adaptor on the Left Eyepiece Tube
Head Articulated free Binocular Head, Interpupillary Distance:55-75mm,45°Inclined, 360°Rotatable
Magnification 10X-20X, or 10X-30X, or 10X-40X, or 20X-40X
Focusing Adjustment Rack and Pinion Focusing with handwheels for Adjusting Focusing Torque
Stand Type Pole Height: 205mm; Moving Range of head holder: 80mm
Illumination Top and Bottom Extra Light LED, Light Adjustable Separately
Whole Size 210 × 140 × 360 mm
Packaging Dimensions 67 × 40 × 41 cm
Net Weight 2.5 Kg
Gross Weight 12 Kg



Stereo Microscope is widely used for detailed observations of opaque specimens like coins, fossil samples, mineral specimens, crystals, etc. It is also used for anatomical or structural study of plant surfaces, moths, butterflies etc.

Optional Accessories

Eyepiece: WF15X, WF20X

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