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Multi-Parameter Water Quality Analyzer NMWA-100

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Analyzer NMWA-100

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Analyzer NMWA-100

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Analyzer NMWA-100 offers a comprehensive solution for assessing water quality by measuring multiple parameters simultaneously, providing accurate, real-time data for various applications. Incorporates a dual temperature zone design with 6+6 zones operating at 165°C and 60°C allowing simultaneous operation without interference. User-friendly interfaces, with intuitive controls and displays to facilitate easy operation and data interpretation.


COD Measurement Range 0-15000mg/L
Ammonia Nitrogen Measurement Range 0-160mg/L
Phosphorus Measurement Range 0-100mg/L
Nitrogen Measurement Range 0-150mg/L
SS Measurement Range 0.5-1000 mg/L
Turbidity Measurement Range 0.5-400 NTU
COD Measurement Accuracy COD<50mg/L,≤±10% COD>50mg/L,≤± 5% COD>50mg/L,≤± 5%
Ammonia Nitrogen Accuracy ≤±5%
Phosphorus Accuracy ≤±5%
Nitrogen Accuracy ≤±5%
SS Accuracy ≤±5%
Turbidity Accuracy ≤±5%
COD Detection Limit 0.1mg/L
Ammonia Nitrogen Detection Limit 0.01mg/L
Phosphorus Detection Limit 0.002mg/L
Nitrogen Detection Limit 0.1mg/L
SS Detection Limit 1mg/L
Turbidity Detection Limit 0.5NTU
COD Time Range 20min
Ammonia Nitrogen Time Range 10~15min
Phosphorus Time Range 35~50min
Nitrogen Time Range 45 to 50min
SS Time Range 1min
Turbidity Time Range 1 min
COD Batch Processing 12
Ammonia Nitrogen Batch Processing No limit
Phosphorus Batch Processing 12
Nitrogen Batch Processing 12
SS Batch Processing No limit
Turbidity Batch Processing No limit
COD Repeatability ≤±5%
Ammonia Nitrogen Repeatability ≤±5%
Phosphorus Repeatability ≤±5%
Nitrogen Repeatability ≤±5%
SS Repeatability ≤±5%
Turbidity Repeatability ≤±5%
Lamp Life 100000 hours
Optical Stability ≤±0.001A/10min
COD Anti chlorine Interference [Cl-]<1000mg/L has no effect [Cl-]<4000mg/L(optional)
Colorimetric Method 16mm/25mm Tube,10mm/30mm Cuvette
Data Storage 50 million
COD Digestion Temperature 165℃±0.5℃
Phosphorus Digestion Temperature 120℃±0.5℃
Nitrogen Digestion Temperature 122℃±0.5℃
COD Digestion Time 10 min
Phosphorus Digestion Time 30 min
Nitrogen Digestion Time 40 min
Time switch Automatic
Temperature Range RT ±5-190℃
Temperature Indication Error <±2℃
Uniformity ≤2℃
Time Range 1-600 min
Power Consumption 180W
Rated Voltage 24 V
Ambient Temperature 5 to 40 ℃,
Relative Humidity ≤85%
Host Dimemsion 430 × 345 × 188 mm
Experiment Box Dimension 479 × 387 × 155 mm
Host Weight 11.9 Kg
Test Box Weight 7 Kg



Multi Parameter Water Quality Analyzer is used in on-field water quality analysis based on COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorous, and turbidity parameters.

Optional Accessories

COD reagent

ammonia nitrogen reagent
Total phosphorus reagent

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