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Automatic Coagulation Analyzer NACA-100

Automatic Coagulation Analyzer NACA-100

Automatic Coagulation Analyzer NACA-100

Automatic Coagulation Analyzer NACA-100 handles a large volume of samples with a throughput of 140 tests per hour. Equipped with a specialised sampling probe to ensure precise sample acquisition. Its user-friendly touchscreen display and intuitive software simplify operation. Additionally, stringent contamination prevention measures and adherence to safety standards guarantee reliable results. The comprehensive features make the product the epitome of efficiency and excellence in coagulation analysis technology.


Principle Optical Coagulation
Throughput 140 Tests/hour
Testing Method Coagulation Method
Sample positions 5
Analysis parameter PT, APTT, TT, FIB
Tilt Reagent Position 6
Sample probe Liquid level sensor and constant heating
Calibration Automatic or manual calibration
Alarm Abnormal Test results alarm, insufficient cleaning fluid alarm, waste liquid overflow alarm
Display LED
Stat function Emergency sample available
Software Windows 7/8 /10 or above, LIS System available
Power Consumption 320 W
Power Supply AC 220V±10 % 60/50 Hz
Dimension (L × W × H) 660 × 640 × 550 mm
Weight 35 Kg


  • Automatic Coagulation Analyzer with LED lighting
  • Reduces waste with a tilt reagent position design
  • Analysis items include PT, APTT, TT, and FIB
  • Alarm system for abnormal test results
  • Alerts about insufficient cleaning fluid, and waste liquid overflow
  • Supports emergency sample processing with its STAT function
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 or above and integrates with LIS


Automatic Coagulation Analyzers are utilized in diverse sectors such as clinical laboratories for medical diagnostics, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and blood banks.

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