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Solid Density Meter NSDM-100

Solid density meter NSDM-100

Solid Density Meter NSDM-100

Solid Density Meter NSDM-100 is a high-precision density meter that employs Archimedes principle displacement method, comes with a density range of 0.001 to 99.999 g/cm3 that measures within 5 s, and 0.005 to 300 g capacity range. Features auto-correction & auto-detection calibration mode, and distilled water testing method for ideal results. Designed with ergonomic stainless steel specific gravity measuring frame and LCD display. Offers up to one group of weight-value data storage, has RS-232C interface for easy data processing.


Capacity 0.005-300 g
Density resolution 0.001 g/cm3
Density range 0.001 to 99.999 g/ cm3
Measuring time About 5s
Measuring principle Archimedes principle
Specific gravity measuring time Unibody injection forming professional specific gravity measurement frame
Measuring tank Unibody injection forming transparent measuring tank
Power supply AC110/220V+10%, 50/60Hz
Package size (W×D×H) 450×200×360 mm
Gross weight 4.5 kg



Solid Density Meter is used to measure the density of any type of liquid and special liquid such as volatile liquid, corrosive liquid, etc. across chemical, alcohol, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical industries, etc.

Standard Accessories

Testing board
100G weight
A set of particles measuring assembly
A set of floating body measuring assembly
Power transformer

Optional Accessories

DE - 40 printer

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