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Flame Photometer NFP-101

Flame Photometer NFP-101

Flame Photometer NFP-101

Flame Photometer NFP-101 uses the flame color and excitation wavelengths of metal ions like K and Na to calculate their concentration in a test sample. It is a flame out protection device as it consists of an ore select function for flame size and an LPG burning gas. The analysis can be made on LCD screen display and a touch screen panel with numerical keypad.


Testing Elements K, Na
Display Concentration value
Element Display Channels Max. 3 channel
Data Range 0.000~999
Measurement Range K: 0-100ppm, Na: 0-160ppm
LOD (In ppm) K: 0.1ppm Na: 0.1pp
Linear Error K: 0.2ppm Na: 0.5ppm
Response Time <8seconds
Minimum Suction Volume <6mL∕min
Stability The biggest change in the relative volume in 15s: ≤3
Repeatability Repeat 7 consecutive independent measurements on the same standard solution ≤ 3%
Fuel LPG gas
Power Consumption 250 W
Power Supply AC 220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz
Working Temperature 10°C -35°C
Relative Humidity ≤ 85% RH
Package Size 80x47x60cm (carton)
Gross Weight 23.6 Kg


  • With auto correction coefficient calculating function
  • Easy adjustable relief valve for direct viewing of the pressure gauge
  • With ore-select function for flame size and a mist separator
  • A flame out protection function
  • Allows single point calibration
  • Calibration curve can be saved
  • RS232 interface, can connect with external printer
  • LCD screen display and touch screen panel with numerical keypad


It has wide applications in areas like clinical laboratories, pathology, research laboratories, soil and fertilizer industries, petroleum and mining industries, chemical product manufacturing units, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Standard Accessories

Air compressor

2.5m PU pipe for air road
0.6m Silicone tube
Funnel parts
Glass cylinder
2 pcs fuse
Power cable

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