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Multi-Purpose PH Tester NMPT-100

Multi-Purpose pH Tester NMPT-100

Multi-Purpose PH Tester NMPT-100

Multi-Purpose pH Tester NMPT-100 is integrated with a pH meter and pH electrodes that ensure precise and reliable pH measurements. It features a BNC connector that allows easy connection to various pH electrodes. Offers pH range from (-1.00) to 15.00 which enables accurate measurements of both highly acidic and highly alkaline solutions. With a temperature range of 0 to 100℃ it can work in various settings.


pH Range (-1.00) to 15.00
pH Accuracy ±0.01
pH Calibration Points 1 to 3 points
pH Buffer Options pH 4.01/6.86/7.00/9.18/10.01
Temperature Range 0 to 100°C
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Temperature Resolution 0.5°C
Temperature Compensation Manual
Hold Function Manual or Auto-endpoint
Auto-Off 8minutes
Display Dual-line LCD (21×21 mm)
Connector BNC
Battery Life 200 hours
Power 2×1.5V AAA batteries
Dimensions (L×D) 175 × 40 mm
Package Size (W×D×H) 325×140×270 mm
Net Weight 100g
Gross Weight 1kg



This pH meter is utilized in laboratories, environmental monitoring, agriculture, the food and beverage industry, water treatment plants, chemical manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, education, and aquaculture.

Standard Accessories

pH buffer pouches (pH4.01/7.00/10.01)

Plastic box or carrying case

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