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Flow Cytometer NFC-100

Flow Cytometer NFC-100

Flow Cytometer NFC-100

Flow Cytometer NFC-100 is equipped with dual laser systems emitting light at wavelengths of 488nm and 638nm. It features 6 fluorescence channels allowing for detailed characterization of cells. Our cytometer provides versatility in analyzing a wide range of cell types with particle detection ranging from 0.2 μm to 60 μm. It evaluates at 45,000/sec and processes 96-well plates within 30 minutes, ensuring high-throughput analysis.


Wavelength 488nm, 638nm
Laser Semiconductor laser
Laser Power 488 nm & 638 nm laser: 20mW
40/60mW (Optional)
Fluorescence Channels 6
Filters Configuration 488nm laser: 530/30 nm BP FITC, 585/42 nm BP PE, 700 BP Per CP/ PE-Cy 5, 785/55 nm BP PE-Cy7
638nm laser: 660/20 nm BP APC, 785/55 nm BP APC-Cy7
Optics The excitation and receiving of solid spatial separation. No fiber conduction. Fixed optical path.
Sensitivity of Fluorescence FITC < 75 MESF
PE < 55 MESF
FSC Sensitivity 0.5 μm
SSC Sensitivity 0.2 μm
Range of Particles 0.2 μm to 60 μm
Linear ≥ 0.98
Resolution CV ≤2%
Carry-Over ≤ 0.1%
Detector Avalanche Photodiode Detector(APD)
Speed 45,000 events/s; 96 - well plates/30min
Minimum Sample Volume 10μL
Speed of Sample 15 to 235 μL/Min
Absolute Count Volumetric method: Microspheres method
Preheating Time <4min
Blending Mode Whole plate; single pipe; interval mixing is set freely
Tube Numbers of Loader 40 tubes and 96 holes
Type of Tube Standard flow pipe(12 × 75mm, 5ml)
96 - well plates(F,U,V type)
Centrifugal tube (1.5ml, 2ml)
Capacity of Liquid Bottle Waste liquid barrel 6L,Sheath liquid drum 6L,Cleaning liquid drum 1L
Maintenance System Liquid path maintenance automation
Software Software has an edition in English and Chinese
With the function of automatic quality control detection, the software can draw the Levey-Jennings curve automatically
Support to be connected with clinical LIS software, to facilitate data graphic transmission
Feature of Software Automatic saving mode against power failure
Detection and analysis can run at the same time
Compensation Compensation Matrix List
Quick Compensation
Auto Compensation
Auto Compensation Calculation
FCS Format FCS 3.0
Operational Environment 10°C to 35°C, 15 to 80 % RH
Computer Operating System Win10 pro
Voltage 220 V, 50Hz
Dimension (W × D × H ) The host system: 44 × 43.5 × 52 cm
The host system with leader: 57.2 × 53.3 ×52 cm
Liquid tray: 44 × 32 × 45 cm
Liquid Tray Weight 7 Kg
Host System Weight 32 Kg
Host System with Leader Weight 38 Kg



Flow Cytometer is widely used in immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, drug discovery, and hematology.

Standard Accessories

Flow Cytometer×1

Power Line ×1
Sheath Fluid External Pipeline×1
Waste Fluid External Pipeline×1
Sheath Shunt External Pipeline×1
Cleaning Fluid External Pipeline×1
Connecting Line Between Main Engine and Reagent Platform×1
USB Data Signal Cable×1
Reagent Platform×1
Sheath Fluid Bottle×1
Waste Fluid Bottle×1
Cleaning Solution Bottle×1
Centrifuge Tube Rack (40 wells)×1
Flow-through pipe Rack (40 wells)×1
Spare Fuses×2
In-line Filter×2
Sheath Fluid Filter×1
1/8"PVC Hose (1m)×1
3/32"TPE 75E Hose (2m)×1
3/32"TPE 84E Hose(0.2m)×1
Flow Cytometer Operator's Manual×1
USB Drive×1
Product Quality Certificate×1
Computer (Host and Display)× 1

Optional Accessories

The Apc Detection Board

The Fitc Detection Board
Side Detection Board
Wdm Assembly
Acquisition Board Assembly
Light Blocking Needle Assembly
Power Switch Assembly
Buffer Components
Mixing Device
Flow Pool Assembly
Forward Pd Lens Assembly
Forward Detection Board Assembly
Reagent Bench Section
External pipe Assembly
Achromatic Focusing Lens Assembly
Liquid Circuit Control Board
Wdm Signal Acquisition and Integration Harness
The FPGA Interface Drive Board
Wdm Signal Acquisition of the Integrated Wire Harness
The Wdm High-Voltage Power Supply Line
Diaphragm Air pump
Kpp Peristaltic Pump Straight Plate Installation
Single Normally Closed Solenoid Diaphragm Valve
Three-Way Normally Closed the Solenoid Diaphragm Valve
Flx 7SE 13-2.5 Tpe Hose(15m)
Flx 84E 1.5-2.5 Tpe Hoses (15m)
Standard Test Tube Rack
Centrifuge Test Tube Rack
Blue Laser
Red Laser
Plunger Pump with Optical Coupling Harness (With Plunger Pump)
Pall Online Filter Lcf
Bag Filter
Bottle Bottom Filter
1/8 inches Pvc Hose (Tygon)2
Upper Sample Three-Way Valve

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