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Vertical Electrophoresis System NVES-202

Vertical Electrophoresis System NVES-202

Vertical Electrophoresis System NVES-202

Vertical Electrophoresis System NVES-202 is designed with the overall dimension of 160x150x200 mm which consist of 1 to 2 pcs of gel slab and occupied with around 800 ml of buffer solution. The capacity of the device is up to 32 samples and as the gel casting material is made of inspissate polycarbonate which provide better analysis result. The vertical transfer electrophoresis with the ice box can do small gel transfer experiments and serves high quality which consists of thermal and elastic polycarbonate injection moulding and can place two transfer folders. The run time of SDS-PAGE is around 1 to 2 hours. It is used in the transfer of proteins to nitrocellulose filter membrane or polyvinylidene fluoride easily.


Sample capacity Up to 48 samples
Number of gel slab 1 to 2 pcs
Buffer capacity 800 ml
Gel casting material Inspissate polycarbonate
Gel dimension Standard configuration: 115×130 mm ; Optional configuration: 115×100 mm
Glass dimension Standard configuration: 125×140 mm ; Optional configuration: 125×110 mm
Buffer volume On slot buffer: 250 to 300 ml ; The following slot buffer 800 to 1200 ml
Transfer size 95×110 mm
Transfer tank 1
Sponge gasket 4
Transfer folder 2
Comb specification 1.0 mm thick: 12, 16, 20, 24 well
Comb throughput 1.0 mm, 12 well: 44 µl; 1.0 mm, 16 well:33 µl; 1.0 mm, 20 well: 26 µl; 1.0 mm, 24 well: 22 µl
Run time for SDS-PAGE 1 to 2 hours
External dimension 190×150×190 mm
Packaging dimension 360×250×230 mm
Net Weight 2.5 kg



Vertical Electrophoresis System is widely used in various fields such as immune electrophoresis and cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis, purity detection of antigen and antibody, clinical examination, medical research and teaching experiment.

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