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Viscometer NVM-101

Viscometer NVM-101

Viscometer NVM-101

Viscometer NVM-101 is used to determine a fluid's internal flow resistance or viscosity. This viscometer has bright, easy to read LCD digital display. The viscometer is useful in any area that requires the study of flow of liquids properties. It is user-friendly, and portable in nature.


Measuring range 0.1 to 2,000,000 mPa.s
Rotating speed 0.3/0.6/1.5/3/6/12/30/60 (r/min)
Rotor 1-4 number rotors, Measuring viscosity lower than 10 needs to be equipped with the 0 number rotar
Measuring Error (Newtonian liquid) ±1%
Repeatability error (Newtonian liquid)) ±0.5%
Power 110 V/60 Hz or 220 V/50 Hz
Data output RS232C/USB
Dimension 300 ×300 ×450 mm
Net weight 7.5 kg
Gross weight 8 kg


  • LCD panel displays measurement data without secondary calculations
  • Optional temperature probe for the real time measurement
  • Automatic scanner for selecting the best combination of rotor and rotating speed for the test
  • Optional data processing software with real-time recording of viscosity


Viscometer finds major applications in chemical and material industry, cosmetics, petroleum industry, research institutes, for analysis of fluids.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No. Name
1 Rotor protection frame
2 (1, 2, 3, 4) number rotor

Optional Accessories

Accessories No. Name
1 Constant temperature water bath, 10 to 100°C, only 220 V
2 Thermal Printer (with 1 roller paper)
3 Temperature probe
4 Ultra-low viscosity adapter (0 # rotor)
5 Thermostatic cup
6 PC Software RS232-USB Line
7 Calibrate silicone oil 400ml

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