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Plant Growth Chamber NPGC-100

Plant growth chamber NPGC-100

Plant Growth Chamber NPGC-100

Plant growth chamber NPGC-100 provide an ideal environment for plant growth. Its controlled temperature and humidity along with different levels of light intensities supports optimum growth of plants and seeds. It is equipped with the capacity of 250L. Designed with double wall highly insulated stainless steel inner chamber with circular arcs at it corners for easy cleaning.


Temperature range Without illumination 0 to 65˚C; With illumination: 10-65 ˚C
Temperature resolution ratio 0.1 ˚C
Temperature motion +1 ˚C
Temperature uniformity +1.0 ˚C
Illumination Full spectrum 0-30000LX many degrees for adjusting
Humidity range 40% ⁓ 95%RH
thermal insulation material Polyurethane
Power rating 2.0kw
Inner chamber size (W×L×H) 600×500×840 mm
Exterior size (W×L×H) 794×726×1600 mm
Packing size (W×L×H) 894×826×1800 mm
Volume 250L
Load per rack 15kg
Shell number 6
Shelf space 120mm
supply (50/60Hz) current rating AC220V/4.5A
NW/GW (kg) 76/117



Plant growth chambers can be used for a variety of purposes, including: agriculture field, environmental science for seed germination, breeding test, plant cultivation, and feeding of insects test etc.

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Plant Growth Chamber